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Monday, April 2, 2012


For those of you who live in Kentucky understands how important our basketball season is in our state.  We live and breath basketball. Its our favorite time of the year.  There were several teams from KY that were in the tournament this year.  Those being Murray State, Western Kentucky, Louisville and of course University of Kentucky.  That is pretty impressive for one state to have that many basketball teams to make the NCAA Tournament.  It is safe to say we are a basketball state.  

I, myself, bleed blue!!  I am a true die hard UK fan!  I grew up in a Big Blue house.  My Dad was a true Kentucky fan and never missed a game.  Growing up, we knew if there was a KY game on that my Dad would be glued to the TV and we were to either watch it or don't be a distraction in any way during the game.  However, there better be a good reason why you are not watching our Ky Wildcats play and cheering them on.  Those were some great memories I have with my Dad, watching the KY games.  I also remember going to a few of the games with him in Lexington, KY.  Rupp Arena is an amazing place to see and watch a game.  It is so exciting and has so many people in one large place loving the KY Wildcats.  

The Louisville Cardinals and the KY Wildcats are huge rivals and are only about an hour and 15 minutes from each other.  However, you are either a Cardinals fan or Wildcats fan , period!!  You either bleed blue or red.  It's kind of odd because I grew up living closer to Louisville than Lexington yet not a Cardinals fan.  Friday night the Wildcats played the Cardinals in the final four NCAA tournament.  This doesn't happen very often but when it does there are alot of emotions involved.  For myself, losing to Louisville is the worst thing that could happen during tournament time.  I honestly believe I would rather beat Louisville than win the entire tournament, I know crazy huh? The game this past Friday for the state of KY was HUGE, from 6pm to about 9pm I am guaranteeing that there wasn't one KY fan or Louisville fan that was not glued to the TV.  There were alot of emotions happening during that whole week leading up to the BIG game, anticipation, stress, nerves, alot of trash talk and all and all hatred for the opposing team. These are two teams who have always despised each other.  Another reason for the rivalry also is the coach of the Cardinals , Rick Pitino,  was also the coach of the KY Wildcats before he left and went to Louisville , so now us KY fans really do not like him and want to see him fail.   Now let me say this, there are some horrible fans out there that just do not know how to act and take all of this way to serious!  They are cruel and mean and just down right stupid.  At the end of the day , it is still just a game of basketball and after it is all said and done we all still have to wake up the next morning and go to work and continue on with our normal day to day lives.  Yes whoever wins can have bragging rights but in a friendly way.  

So the game happened on Friday and what a game it was.  Both teams played a great game.  I didn't feel that KY played as well as they could have, but I can only imagine the pressure and nervousness those players were facing.  It was close throughout the entire game , both teams played hard and with alot of heart. Both teams wanted to win for their fans, their coaches, and for their state of KY.  However most of all for the chance to play in the championship game on Monday night.  Whoever won would advance and be able to play at a chance to be the #1 team in the Nation.  That's what it's all about!!   Oh how my Dad would love to be alive today to have watched this game and to see who would end up the #1 team in the Nation and how I would have loved to have watched it with him!!  So tonight at 9pm we will see who the champions are as the two best teams face off.  Oh , I guess you are wondering who won the game between the two KY teams, well that would be the BIG BLUE,  The KY Wildcats!!  So all of the Big Blue Nation will be in front of their televisions tonight at 9pm hoping and cheering on their team, in hopes of another championship trophy, of course the Cardinal fans will be rooting against us and probably alot of others too. This could be our year, I know I am excited and anxious to see what the out come will be.  However , when its all said and done, the State of Kentucky represents basketball very well, regardless of what team I root for, I am proud to be from Kentucky and proud of all the teams for representing us so well in the sport of basketball!!  Enjoy the game everyone.