“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”

Monday, April 30, 2012

The boys had their Fine Arts competition this past Friday and of course I am once again a very proud Mom.  As a Mom, we are always wanting to share the achievements of our children.  Bryce, my 7th grader is in Advanced Band and was also part of  a Brass Quartet.  For my 4th grader, this was his first year being able to participate.  He is in Beginner Band, he did a Brass Duet , was part of the Honors Choir and also did a Duet Acting with one of his friends.  Each category is ranked accordingly with the lowest being good, then excellent, and the best Superior.  Once those rankings have been chosen they will chose one from each school and each category to be chosen as Most Outstanding, which is the best ranking you can receive.   Sometimes, as parents, its a struggle to purchase instruments, pay for private lessons , and just the on going struggle to make sure they are practicing.   It is sometimes stressful and challenging but I tell you it is so worth it to see them get up in front of all those people and perform and use the talents God gave them.  I am so proud of them and honored to call them my children.  These are the things that make everything in life , all the problems , all the pain, all the stress and struggles of life just disappear for a moment and just watch God take over and allow them to shine.  

I wanted to share my boys shining moments with you because that's what us Mom's do.   I realize that most of you will not watch them and some of you will only watch a few minutes and get bored but that's ok.  The Uncles, the Aunts, the Grandma's and Grandpa's and the close friends will enjoy it and they will feel that same excitement and pride that I feel every time I listen to them.  
So here they are for whoever chooses to listen.  I am proud of them and I thank God for their willingness to show their talents to the world.   God Bless.

Brandt's Brass Duet, Ranked Superior and Chosen for Most Outstanding out of all the schools

Brandt's Beginner Band, Ranked Superior

Brandt's Duet Acting, Ranked Excellent

Brandt's Honors Choir , Ranked Superior and Chosen Most Outstanding

Bryce's Brass Quartet, Ranked Superior and chosen for Most Outstounding

Bryce's Advanced Band , Ranked Superior