“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”

Friday, January 13, 2012

Doctors, got to love em

You just got to love Doctors.  No wonder they have so much money.

I had went to the doctor last week for just a regular check up and of course paid my 35.00 co-pay, waited about 45 minutes for someone to actually acknowledge that I was there and once they finally did he gave me about 2 minutes of his time and then shipped me off to get blood drawn.  So he got my 35.00 plus whatever the insurance company pays them for a 2 minute job, really???   Oh and it doesn't stop there, they then proceeded to call me yesterday to tell me my lab work is back and the doctor would like for me to come in to discuss my results.  So when you hear that, you think oh great something is wrong.  Ok so off I go, I drop the boys off at school and rush to the doctors office.  I get there and of course I have to pay my 35.00 co-pay AGAIN.  I sit and sit and finally get called back.  The nurse weighs me and takes my blood pressure, however I really don't think in a week that would have changed to much so I don't get the point  and then I go and sit and wait some more.  The doctor finally comes in and has my blood work.  He proceeds to tell me that all my blood work looks pretty good, that there are only a few areas that are a little low but nothing to worry about and he sends me on my way.  REALLY, I paid 35.00 for that and that's not counting what the insurance will give them.  Seriously, doctors, us "normal people" do not have the time or money to spend a couple minutes in your office to find out that we are totally healthy. I just spent 70.00 in two weeks for that!!  That money could have been used in a much more efficient way!!  What a waste of my time and money , when that is something they could have told me on the phone. 

Now I am certain that I am not the only one who has experienced this and don't get me wrong I'm happy to know I'm not falling apart just yet, but most of us work really hard for our money and we certainly don't want to give it up that easily. So if any of you are doctors out there please consider giving us "normal" people a break and spare us all a little time and money.

Thanks for listening to me vent about doctors today , I have several horrible stories concerning Doctors however I will spare you all of that for today.  However , one last tip before I go that is totally off the subject and to all of you "smarter" people out there just don't read this.  When you run out of dishwasher tablets for your dishwasher, never try and substitute it with dish washing liquid, trust me this is NOT a smart move.  Oh yes and darling, honey, sweetie if you are reading this, yes I did flood the kitchen, but look on the bright side, I have been saying for a couple weeks I need to mop the floor :).  See God always has a plan.  lol

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just one of those days

Have you ever just woke up and knew immediately it was going to be one of those days.  The first thing I thought about when I woke up was the horrible night at work the night before and the huge pounding in my head.  All I wanted to do was go right back to sleep so I wouldn't have to think or feel and that is exactly what I did, yet was woken up by a phone call that delivered more bad news.  

We all have bad days but life does not stop so we can pick ourselves up and start over.   Life just keeps moving and if you stop you will get left behind.  I just have to try and remember that God is in control and trust that everything will turn out okay.  Everyone has their own trials, so sometimes just calling a friend and being a good listener for them helps me forget for a little while about all of the things that I worry about on a daily basis.  Every now and then while being a great listening friend I hear something from them that makes me think, I am not alone , or how could I be so selfish. Everyone has worries, difficulties , and struggles but its how you deal with them that is most important.  This is something I am still trying to learn and honestly may never learn.  The saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", well I have never made lemonade.  Its seems as if I like to keep those lemons and never let them go.  I just have to remember there are so many other people in the world that are hurting and life has really given them a beaten, and when I do that I realize that God is in charge of my life and it's not near as bad as I sometimes believe it is.

So once I finally found my way out of bed and got in the car to go pick up the boys from school I knew my day was about to get a whole lot better.  As I am sitting in car line waiting for the two most important people in my life to come around the corner with smiles on there faces I realize I am truly blessed.  They both get in the car and start telling me all about their night last night and their school day today.  My 4th grader begins telling me about what they did during recess, that his trumpet teacher told him he was doing an amazing job, while the whole time my 7th grader was dying to get my attention as well.  As soon as Brandt finished telling me all about his day , its finally Bryce's turn and he begins by saying "guess what happened during my basketball game last night?"  I knew it was something big, or at least to him, so I couldn't wait to hear.  He proceeded to tell me that he got put in the game and got his very first rebound!! At this very moment, I felt a little sad again because I wasn't there to experience this moment with him as I had to work, which is something I struggle with everyday simply because I feel as if I am missing so much of their lives because of the this thing called "work" yet he was so excited and I was so happy for him that this and everything else that bothered me all day simply disappeared. 

Tomorrow is another day and I am hoping to wake up in the morning with a brighter outlook on life!! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Writing it down

I decided that all of the crazy , stupid, silly, unbelievable or boring things that happen in my life should be wrote down to share with others so I can bore them as well, besides my 12 year old has a blog why can't I.

So let me start by saying that everyday I wake up and say WOW there has to be more to life than this. I love being a Mom. I, like most Mom's, truly believe I have the best boys in the world, however sometimes you just want to float away into some magical world and pretend that everything in life is perfect and wonderful. In my magical world there would be no job, no school, no need for money, no cooking or cleaning, no heart ache or sickness , no worries and sometimes NO MEN :) I would never have to say things like, "Don't forget to wash your hands" , "make sure to brush ALL of your teeth", "stop aggravating your brother", "get in the shower", "time to get up for school", just to name a few. I should just record these and play them anytime I need them. In this so called magical world of mine, I would not have to worry about making sure the boys get to school on time, that I am able to pick them up that day, or how will I get them home from basketball practice, will I be able to go to their games or will I have to work and the most important one, are they being the Godly example I have always tried to teach them to be. In my magical world, since I don't need money I could just fly home to KY and visit my brothers or my best friend anytime I want and they all would be healthy and happy.

Of course in this magical world there would be no death, no sorrow, no sickness, no marital problems but lets face it none of us would be the people we are today if we didn't go through some of these things. God gives us trials so we can grow closer to him and make us stronger, certainly doesn't make any of those trials easier but sure helps to know he is there. So we all know my magical world does not exist and honestly I'm not sure I would really want it to. Although sometimes I look at all the things I repeat to my boys over and over again , or just the everyday stress involved in raising boys , I know that when they are finally all grown up and on their own I will miss it and wish I had them home to make sure they brush their teeth or take a shower or all those other things that I say that makes me crazy everyday.

So at this point in my life I am just going to realize that this is it for me right now and honestly I'm ok with that, but once the boys are in bed and the husband is asleep and all the chores are done for the day, just maybe I will sit in the quietness of the night ,close my eyes and go to that magical place and show myself there is more and I know I will finally get there someday because this magical place I describe sounds exactly like the place God promises us if we believe, HEAVEN!!